Church Planter Videos

The Tragedy of Hasty Decisions – Verona, Italy

Dreams and Memorials – Vienna Austria

Sinking – Venice Italy

Positioned for the Win – Bratislava Slovakia

Church Mergers & Unification – Budapest Hungary

Radical Change to Break Barriers – Ljubljana Slovenia

Size Doesn’t Matter – San Marino

Sequestered – Intercourse PA

Inspiration – Star Spangled Banner – Ft McHenry – Baltimore

Annapolis – Excellence – Baltimore

Beauty from Tragedy – Quebec Montreal

Bilingual – Montreal Canada

Bridge to Nowhere – Ketchikan Alaska

Return – Ketchikan Creek Alaska

Change – Creek Street – Ketchikan Alaska

Kamikaze – Pima Air & Space Museum – Tucson AZ

Isolation – Biosphere 2 – Tucson AZ

Turmoil – San Xavier Mission – Tucson AZ

Gutsy – Orlando Florida

Stuck – Havana Cuba

Doorway – Cozumel Mexico

Wrecker – Key West Florida

Bits and Pieces – Ybor City Florida

Shallow – Tampa Bay Florida


Bad News is Good News

Fail Fast

Tension: The need for communication

Breaking Through Barriers

Passion and Perspective

Ritz Carlton Excellence: Does your Church Plant have a deep standard of excellence?

Bad Decisions

Managing Your Time: Church Planter / Catalyst Version

Do you know everything you need to know as a leader?

The Most Important Words a Leader Can Use

Organizational Renewal – Church Replanter Version

Bonners Ferry: Transport to Riches – Church Planter Version

Duck Tape & Paperclips: Church Planter Version

The Importance of Self Awareness

Streams of Excellence: Looking within your Church Plant to Renew the Future

Pipeline: Readying Leaders as a Church Planter

Staying Deep as a Church Planter

The Importance of Trust

First Impressions Rule: The 2 Informs the 58

Proficiency: What does it mean to be competent and aware?

Drive the Train: A Message to Church Planters

It Pays to be the Dumbest Guy in the Room – Church Planter Version

Missing the Mark – Church Planter Version

Refresh and Renew – Church Planter Version

Discover the Unknown – Church Planter Version

Brazen – Church Planter Version

Trickle to a Force – Church Planter Version