Leadership Videos

Gutsy – Orlando Florida

Doorway – Cozumel Mexico


Bad News is Good News

Fail Fast

Tension: The need for communication

Jumping Ruts

Breaking Through Barriers

Simple Solutions to the Complex

The Power of a Team: The Tuskegee Airmen

Ritz Carlton Excellence: Does your Organization have a deep standard of excellence?

Managing Your Time: Leader Version


Four Horrible Leadership Decisions

Do you know everything you need to know as a leader?

The Most Important Words a Leader Can Use

Organizational Renewal – Leader Version

Duck Tape & Paperclips: Organizational Leader Version

The Importance of Self Awareness

Streams of Excellence: Looking within your Organization to Renew the Future

Pipeline: Readying Leaders as a Organizational Leader

The Importance of Trust

Proficiency: What does it mean to be competent and aware?

It Pays to be the Dumbest Guy in the Room – Leader Version

Eight Habits of a Catalyst

Relationally Engaged Leadership Part 01

Relationally Engaged Leadership Part 02

Relationally Engaged Leadership Part 03

Relationally Engaged Leadership Part 04

Relationally Engaged Leadership Part 05

Beneath the Surface

Missing the Mark – Leader Version

Refresh and Renew – Leader Version

Discover the Unknown – Leader Version

Brazen – Leader Version

Trickle to a Force – Leader Version