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Communication is Key



Communication is Key. Communication is Key. Communication is Key. Communication is Key. Communication is Key. Communication is Key.

Before you jump to any conclusions, let me say that I did not stutter, nor was my message repeated for emphasis. I was not playing the message on vinyl which resulted in a Milli Vanilli moment. And no, I do not have a problem with my memory. In fact, while it may appear that I am being repetitive, I fear that I may not have adequately conveyed my message. In reality I have only said it once! Perhaps less.

Once by Phone.
Once by Email.
Once by Letter.
Once by Txt Msg.
Once by Facebook.
Once by Twitter.

And yes, it was inadequate. I just realized that I forgot my “Once by Mouth.” Oh the difficulties with “better” communication.

While we are at it, what else can we add: MySpace (so over it), LinkedIn, Foursquare, Forum Post, Blog. VBlog, Skype, Oovoo, Podcast, Vodcasts, YouTube, Web Site, Google Voice, Yahoo Groups, and my personal favorite… Smoke Signal!

Granted, I left out 16,000 other methods but this piece needs to be under five hundred words.

What are we to do?

One thing we know for sure. As organizational leaders, we cannot force those we lead to come to our well, we must reach out and drink from theirs. I find it ironic that reaching out to them, and understanding their preferred communication method, starts with the one method we left out: Once by Mouth. We have adopted all the latest methods for communication and yet our communication is worst than it has ever been. Just because you adopt a method does not mean your communication will improve. Start with the conversation. Find out how those you lead are communicating and work those methods into your communication strategy. It’s all about information. It always is.

You want the One Grand Solution? Sorry, this piece will be a let down because there is no One Grand Solution. Besides, great leaders never adopt a solution, they design one that meets their current reality. Let me give you one simple word to help you begin designing yours; BEEP!

Think about the beep. The beep is what rules the day in modern society. The beep is what stops the train of thought, interrupts the meeting, starts people down another road, and wakes people from their dreams. (Oh that’s good! The beep wakes people from their dreams… WOW! I’m need to write another piece on the BEEP and how it’s killing creative strategic thought…) I regress…

You need to be the beep! The beep is never ignored!

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