Law Enforcement

A Hat Called Love



I have had another article (this one very short), A Hat Called Love, published in the Star News, a monthly magazine for Law Enforcement Officers. The article is reproduced below and is written to encourage the Peace Officer community who have such a difficult job.

I recently met a man who boasted of his extensive hat collection. “I have a hat for every day of the week and at least two for every conceivable occasion” he said. He went on about the manner in which a hat should fit and what it should convey. While it seemed like one of those moments where you wished you could disappear, I was actually quite enthralled. I wondered to myself which hat-if any-he wore when at home. I wondered if his many hats were all about show.

As I pondered the conversation, I realized that I, myself, had many a hat. In fact, I have a hat for nearly every occasion as well, and I wear them frequently. I wear a hat called Father. One titled Husband. One is called Boss, another, Authority Figure. On occasion I get the distinct opportunity to wear the one titled Fool.

Here’s the question I must ask myself. Which hat do I wear at home? We all assume a number of different roles throughout the day to get the job done—but still—we are most defined by who we are when all the hats are removed.

But it’s a rough world. The streets are pretty bad!

Yeah, I know, from time to time we all need to put on the ugly hat. Ugly in our actions, our attitudes, our demeanor… But God forbid, at the end of the day that we leave the ugly hat on. Between you and me—that ugly hat—it’s really ugly! Furthermore, the people at home, the ones who love you so very much, really would like you to throw it away! I hope that when at your leisure, the hat you wear is brimmed with the words Love, Integrity and Excellence! Let that hat define you. Then, you too can boast of your hat collection.

Above all keep your love for one another fervent, because love covers a multitude of sins. • 1st Peter 4:8