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Inspiring Others



You do not need to look hard to see the gifts that God has given other people, especially your direct reports. Unfortunately, with the stress of productivity, we fail to look deep enough to see and appreciate them.

A word from you—affirming their gift—will do more to motivate them to pursue it than perhaps any other encouragement. Be observant, and when you see it, capitalize on it.

“Hey Jonathan! I was watching you the other day, and I need to say… you have a unique ability for organization.”

Leave it at that. Don’t follow with asking them to organize anything. Remember, it is about building up the individual, not manipulating them so that they will work for you. The first bears fruit, the second is evil.

If you are not first-and-foremost about building people, you will find yourself far less the leader than you otherwise would be. Through encouragement, inspire them through your recognition and your leadership.

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