Tampa Bay is the Largest Bay in the state of Florida and one of the largest in the United states of America. It is huge when you look at the numbers… 2,200 square miles of hustle and bustle. It’s Huge. It’s impressive… It seems healthy… You see people and ships coming and going… It’s Busy. To the casual observer it would seem that this bay is the epitome of what a bay should be. However…

The dark secret about Tampa Bay is that the Bay is very shallow. It averages only 12’ deep which hinders deeper, heavier content from entering its Harbors.

Now think about that as a church planter. How many of your peers are shooting for big, busy and beautiful and because of that are shallow and unhealthy?

Have you pondered the question: What’s better, shallow and explosive or deep and healthy? As you aim for “heavier content” and health as a church planter, ask Father to honor that commitment to go deep. He will bless you for that conviction and your church plant may just become a port that the heavy laiden can enter and lay those burdens down.

Here is a video I filmed on location in Tampa Bay

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