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Leadership | April 22, 2014

One Guy Theory – Revisited

I want to share with some thoughts that I feel draw some important points for us as we consider the effectiveness of ministry in our churches. The thoughts come after […]

Leadership | May 27, 2013

Passion and Uranium 238

Understanding why we should invest in first generation converts as future church leaders. What!? If this was your reaction to the title, put your thinking cap on and continue reading. […]

Leadership | January 31, 2013

Leadership Soapbox

Where are the standouts, the ones whose countenance drips with the overflowing presence of the living God? Our leaders have failed us. They have told us that an acceptance of […]

Leadership | March 23, 2012

Leaders Go First

In today’s unforgiving environment both seasoned leaders and those coming into new leadership roles need to hit the ground running, or at the very least, come up to speed quickly. […]