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You’re Better Than That!



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We live in a society that blames everything on everyone. Even the stereotypical psychologist, while his patient begins to recline on the couch, asks; “Tell me about your mother?” As if she was the reason he just left his wife and kids for another.

This culture is defined by the lack of taking responsibility for our actions and the feeling of entitlement. “We are entitled to success.”

Not so! If you are a leader, you deserve no more than you work hard to acquire.

I hear from business leaders, pastors, and other organizational leaders all the time. When I speak to their organizations, there is (at times) an immediate excuse for the number of people attending the event. “You know, there are several people on vacation at the moment.”

Evil me wants to say, “Yeah right… Admit it… It’s all slipping away and you don’t know what to do about it!” But in that moment I realize it is my responsibility to act with the few, in the same manner as with the many, and then talk to that leader at a later time to get him or her to a point of comfort (or discomfort) with their current reality. If that leader can see the gaps, they can grow. If they continue with the excuses they cannot, not in the immediate. I endeavor to bring that leader to the point of confidently knowing that (s)he exemplifies a leader of excellence.

That’s what this clip is all about. I want you to watch it. I hope that after you do, you determine within yourself to stop making excuses for your failings. We all have them. Embrace them. Overcome them. Stop making excuses and get on with what you have been empowered to do.

My personal life slogan is simple.

“Everything with Excellence”

These are the words that I try to live by. Today, so far, has been a good day…

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