Who I Am

Dr. Curtis holds a PhD in Organizational Leadership, an Mdiv in Theology and ANE Language, and studied Graphic Arts as an undergraduate. At 19 he opened his first of multiple businesses, an Ad Agency, The Curtis Design Group. He successfully represented multiple national accounts (the short list) and expanded into several other businesses including; Studio Seven, a photo studio, Internaut, an internet web development company and creative think tank, and Axiom Graphic Media and Communications, a graphic media and communications firm.

Dr. Curtis has had a long and successful career as a Business Owner, College Professor, Lecturer, Corporate Trainer, Motivational Speaker, Pastor, World Traveler, Divemaster SCUBA Diver, and Author.

Why is he known as “The Quoach?”


It’s simple. It comes from an email from one of his students in 2000. It both touched him and showed the multifaceted dynamic that he wished to create in the classroom.

The “Quiet Coach” birthed from this student’s email and he is honored to think that those things he is so passionate about: Leadership, Proficiency, Excellence, Integrity, can truly make a difference in any life.

However… a true coach is anything but quiet 🙂