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Leadership | October 16, 2017

Perspective Makes the Difference

Success is as much about hard work as it is about perspective. Hard work without a bigger perspective or vision can be wasteful. It can also defeat your people. As […]

Leadership | July 1, 2017

Of Thermostats and Boots

Place: South America. Mental State: Exhausted. Alarm Clock: About to be destroyed! I slowly awoke before the sun to begin one of the most impactful days of my life. There […]

Employment | June 1, 2017

The Day I Jumped

In 2008 I was in Lima Peru with my brother Robert. We had met there to continue on to Cusco and eventually hike the famous ruins at Macchu Pichu. While […]

Leadership | November 30, 2015

Hesitation Remorse

The backdrop is the Sahara with the tops of the great pyramids in the distance slightly obscured by the sand and dust-filled sky. The characters are my son Bryan upon […]

Employment | October 30, 2015

Flying Elvis

Tension leads to Release There is something very powerful about a release, whether it be edifying or destructive. There is that moment when all the harnessed energy comes to the […]

Travel Review | December 1, 2014

Iguazu Falls

In the war of the waterfalls the clear victor is Iguazu. Speaking with the “voz” of experience, Iguazu takes down Niagara like Rocky took down Apollo Creed. You see, Apollo […]

Employment | July 31, 2014

Ditch the Nav

There I sat, trying to explain to my son that there was a time-not so long ago-when there was no such tecnology as vehicle navigation. Your mom, I said, would […]

Leadership | July 21, 2011

Beneath the Surface

My wife and I love the beach. She loves to find a nice shady spot, open to the breeze, pull out her book and enjoy the afternoon. She enjoys the […]